The EV Project

We've always been low emission, but now we're on our way to no-emission.

Our mission is to share the electric vehicle (EV) vision and experience with as many people as possible. With 6 EV's in our passenger fleet, we're well on our way to achieving that.


Our very first EV, 'GRNCAB', as he was affectionately known, was the first EV on the road in Wellington, launching in early 2017. He stayed on the road for 6 months, giving out free rides around the Wellington CBD. He has now been retired as the office get-around, but we have since expanded our fleet.


We now have 7 full electric vehicles (including GRNCAB), including 5 Nissan Leafs (4 in Wellington and 1 in Queenstown), one Nissan ENV200 (our Wellington-based Pet Taxi) and one Hyundai Ioniq. We'll continue expanding our zero-emission fleet as we grow.


We've put together a pretty comprehensive list of FAQs to answer most of the questions we encounter about EVs, and we've also got a number of great little blog articles available to document our EV journey and to share EV tips and knowledge. 


So, what are electric vehicles?
The Project NZ made an amazing video that explain what EV's are and how they work.

We highly recommend you give this video a watch for a quick and informative introduction to electric vehicles.