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What's involved in bringing a used vehicle into NZ?

Originally published on 10 Nov 2017.

All vehicles are checked at the border by Customs and/or MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) for the correct paperwork, pests and damage, before they are released to the owner/importer.

Used vehicles are subject to a quarantine inspection on arrival by a MPI inspector. If the vehicle is found to be contaminated with soil, plant or animal material, it will require cleaning that is sufficient enough to remove the contaminant.

Any structural damage is photographed and documented. The vehicles can be fumigated as part of our biosecurity system, which helps protect New Zealand's economy, environment, human health and a range of social and cultural values.

Vehicle Inspection:  After the vehicle is released from Customs, a vehicle inspector works their way through an extensive checklist. This includes safety checks for: lights, safety features, suspension, brakes, seat belts, steering, tyres etc. The inspection is a bit like a warrant of fitness check, but more intensive.

The inspectors base their checks on the VIRM (Vehicle Inspection Requirement Manual), which is provided by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA).

VINZ (Vehicle Inspection NZ) is supporting the increasing adoption rate of pure EVs, and are offering a discount of $84.50 including GST off the compliance inspection cost until the end of January 2018.