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What do I need to drive with Green Cabs?

Ever wondered what's required in order to become a Green Cabs driver? This blog explains all!

Endorsements and Licensing

Before you can become a driver with us, there are some basic requirements.

Firstly, you must have a full NZ drivers license, a P endorsement and a PSL (Passenger Service License). All of our drivers have this.


If you have all of those, then the next step is to go through vetting for criminal and driving offences. You must have a clear record in order to drive with us.

Vehicle and Registrations

You must have a modern (2013-2018 model), white car that is low emission and has a current COF. The car must also have ABS, full and current registration and be fully equipped with a camera (this is installed and accessed by authorised personnel only, and only after you and your vehicle have been accepted to the fleet). Our cameras are checked every 6 months across the fleet, and we also check in with the fleet whenever expiry dates for COFs, registration and insurance are approaching. If any of these have expired and not been renewed, the driver will be locked out of our system and will not be able to work or accept jobs until these have been renewed.

Fit Out and Safety

On top of the camera, our vehicles are tracked by GPS to allow us to monitor our drivers' locations and current speed. We also have a series of emergency training modules so that our drivers are equipped to deal with any emergency situations, as well as being fully briefed and regularly updated on Health and Safety processes.

We're always on the hunt for good drivers, so if you meet all of those requirements and you want to earn a great living, then get in touch with us today - https://www.greencabs.co.nz/drive-with-green-cabs!