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Squad Goals

Originally published on 1 Aug 2017.

Re: Mission Zero Emission [CLASSIFIED INTERNAL MEMO]

From:      Electric Vehicle Division, Green Cabs Headquarters.

 To Privates:      Charlie GC024, Delta GC026, Echo GC002 and Foxtrot GC022

Listen up team.

Green Cabs HQ has put together this elite squad to strike at the heart of the emissions enemy.

You have been tasked for a mission of utmost importance. You will be assigned to join civilians GRNCAB and EV-KIN-EV on this mission.

You 6 EV’s represent the best of the best of the best.

  • You WILL take Electric Vehicle to the next level in the taxi industry in New Zealand.

  • You WILL take passengers smoother and more quietly than any other taxi company.

SMOOTHER AND QUIETER. Is that understood squad? The correct response is sir, yes sir!

 Your mission will not be easy. The public still don’t know that there are cleaner, greener options available, so you will have to stand out.

The leaves on the side of the electric taxi’s will help, but do not assume that your passengers know what that means. Tell them Green Cabs plants trees. Lots of trees. 5000 trees a month.

Because you all look alike, we can divide and conquer…

GRNCAB: You will continue mission FREE RIDES IN THE CBD. Convert as many passengers as possible. Remember to wear your pink signs so the public know you are free. 

EV-KIN-EV: You will continue to work undercover as a normal taxi. When passengers get in, you need to do everything you can to prove an electric vehicle is the best transport option. Keep working the airport route and stay right outside the exit so they can jump in you as soon as they get outside the airport doors. 

CHARLIE: You need to focus on price. Let our customers know that Green Cabs are among the cheapest taxi companies in Wellington. 

DELTA: You take the environmental angle. Tell them about the trees. Tell them about the partnership with Trees for Survival and Trees for the Future. Tell them that Green Cabs plant 5,000 trees every month. 

ECHO: Tell them about how much better Electric Vehicles are for the planet. Tell them that the cost is the equivalent of paying 30 cents per litre for petrol, that should get their attention. Oh, and tell them that Green Cabs is 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and that's why we care about our country and our customers. 

FOXTROT: You are the pride of the fleet. As a Hyundai Ioniq, your mission is to show off electric vehicle technology. You can go further than the others, so you need to scout the long jobs. Take people to Palmerston North. Prove range is not an issue. You need to show people how you can steer yourself on the motorway, and how you can brake and accelerate by yourself. Tell them about your 10-year battery warranty so they don't have to worry about that. 

Team, I say to you failure is not an option. We need to take this mission to the people. The very air we breathe is at stake.

Now get out there and complete your mission, and remember, should you be caught by the enemy, then tell them everything.  EVERYTHING!

“We shall defend our islands, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight emissions on the beaches, we shall fight emissions on the landing grounds, we shall fight emissions in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight emissions in the hills; we shall never surrender.”