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#MeetTheTeam - Joban, GC206

This month, we meet Joban - driver of GC206 in Queenstown.

How long have you been with Green Cabs? I have been driving for Green Cabs Queenstown for 2 years.

Have you always driven electric vehicles? No, in May of this year I got my first EV! Prior to that I was driving 11 and 6 seater combustion-engine vans.

How would you compare the two types of vehicle? The vans were nice, but were not comparable to the Nissan Leaf in terms of driving experience, comfort and running costs. The Leaf is so much cheaper to run, and it's very relaxing to drive compared to the vans.

Would you recommend an electric vehicle to other drivers? Absolutely. I have been driving this for five months now and it's truly an excellent car. I've had no issues at all! Plus, it will save you money on fuel, maintenance costs are almost zero, it's comfortable and relaxing to drive and the heated seats and heated steering wheel are amazing in the cold of winter. Anyone who drives a Leaf will fall in love forever!

What feedback do you get from your passengers when they realise they're travelling in fully electric vehicle? Usually their first reaction is "I have never been in an electric vehicle!", and then they start talking to me about the things they like about it. Pretty much everyone loves it and lots of people comment on how good it is for the environment, so I get very positive feedback from my customers. I think people actually choose the Leaf over other combustion engine taxis!

How's the range? I usually get 150kms out of a full charge which is enough for a shift. If I need more range then I simply take a break for 10 minutes and give it a little charge at a fast charger. Range is generally not an issue though - even if you do a long distance job, there are fast charging stations available all over. I regularly drive to Wanaka, the local ski fields, Cromwell and Alexandra without issue.

How long does it take to charge? I charge the car to 100% overnight at home on an 8amp socket. If I need a topup during the day then I will take a short break at a fast charging station, but if I do this it's normally only for 10 minutes or so as that's enough to see out the end of my shift and head home.