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#MeetTheTeam - Eddie Saw, GC107

This month, we meet Eddie - driver of GC107 in Wellington.

Eddie has been with Green Cabs for 5 months and is really enjoying it!

Eddie, an ex Malaysian Chef, drives a white car (which he's very proud of) and is a proud family man with 2 beautiful kids aged 18 and 14.

Eddie's favourite dish to cook is Char Koay Teow (a fried flat noodle), and his wife is currently managing a restaurant in Johnsonville.

Eddie really enjoys travelling - particularly when he travelled around the USA backpacking for a few years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Eddie's hobbies are photography, hiking and skiing and he loves to get outdoors when he can, but a lot of his time is spent with his family as his family is very important to him. His ultimate goal is to make enough money so he can buy a beautiful home for his wife and kids.