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Have I been electrocuted?

Not quite literally...

This post was written by one of our Queenstown drivers.

I knew little about electric vehicles before I found myself behind the wheel of a Nissan Leaf, zipping and zooming around the streets of Queenstown and being part of the fleet of Green Cabs . The zipping and zooming was as economic and as friendly as possible, leaving a smile on both my customers face and most definitely on my face.

Why? Because this is the future. There's no way back from this, which is exactly what I have experienced in driving an EV. From now on we will be talking, seeing and thinking electric.

Interesting and rewarding has been my journey from corporate and hotel jobs. With utmost pleasure I’m sharing the Green Cabs electric enthusiasm - putting my customer experience to good use in daily as I drive the Leaf around the most picturesque roads you could ever imagine - definitely the best views and the best place on earth to be a taxi driver.

As an ambassador of Queenstown and a professional, refined customer service representative, I make sure everyone gets treated the way I would like to get treated in terms of attention and respect - both of which are the cornerstones of the industry we operate in. They go hand in hand with passion and pride - pride in transporting another happy and satisfied customer to his/her destination.

I knew of electric vehicles viaTesla and assumed that the world eventually (maybe in decades not years – in my mind at that time) would start an electric shift, so when the opportunity arose to drive an EV I was very keen to be the new custodian of the only Nissan Leaf in Green Cabs Queenstown fleet.

Every day in this car feels like another step closer to "greener" - I'm evolving to become more and more eco-friendly - each day helping me to leave behind a smaller carbon footprint than the year before. Waking up today and any day reminds me firstly to be better version of myself to everyone and everything and that’s how we all should be. For many years I have followed the motto of reduce, reuse and recycle, and in this modern era where everything is about consumerism and commercialism, that can be a real challenge. The results and personal fulfilment I get from sticking to my green journey though make it so rewarding - thinking about today and tomorrow instead of just the right now really helps.

There is a lot of information out there regarding EVs and their sustainability, use, pros and cons, and it's a pleasure to see how many people are now getting involved - either because they want to reduce their emissions, reduce their cost of maintenance and still find a solution that runs hand in hand with their lifestyle.

Going electric isn't just about the tailpipe emissions, it’s about the whole lifecycle, from sourcing, manufacturing, spare parts, repairs, servicing, charging and everything in between. The entire vehicle has a much longer lifespan before it's end of life and the birth of another, especially true here in New Zealand where most of our electricity comes from renewable sources.

We are currently witnessing the evolution of electric highway, meaning soon you will be able to enjoy worry-free EV motoring to most places in NZ. With more and more charging stations scattered around the country, you can let go of range anxiety, ensuring that us - the drivers - will get from A to B as we would with any internal combustion engine car.

Many EV manufacturers including Tesla, Nissan, BMW, Audi, VW and others are now only sourcing electricity for their factories from renewable sources. The Tesla Gigafactory for example is powered by solar and wind.

Since day one of being on the road in the Leaf, every day has been a highlight in making a difference and educating and informing my customers and answering questions (there are a lot 😁), proving that the interest is there, suggesting the uptake of EV will go from being mostly enthusiasts to an everyday thing in a very short time.

Interesting studies have found that EV drivers are more focused, calmer and happier when driving an EV than when driving an internal combustion engine vehicle, so what is there not to like about this, happy driving happy life?

Along my journey with Green Cabs and the EV Nissan Leaf, I have been involved in some great community events where I've been able to meet a great bunch of like-minded people - the standout event so far being The Better NZ trust event, Leading the Charge. We were lucky enough that one of their stops was here in Queenstown, and all of us in the EV community were out there debating and connecting over what the EVs are and what they mean to us, as well as comparing notes on what it's like to own and drive one. During that event I got to meet and glean some insights from Chelsea Sexton - an internationally-renowned electric car advisor and ambassador.

It is definitely a very interesting time to witness the transition from fossil fuels to renewabless and the consquential adoption of electric technology from bicycles, bikes, cars, trucks, buses, ships - even airplanes. The seeds have been planted now that in order to save our planet and extend its longevity, there are some big steps we need to collectively take - moving to electric vehicles being one of them.

Let’s do it all together, one step at the time. We all know the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare which reminds us that us the society can be more successful by doing things slowly and steadily rather than by acting quickly and carelessly. Change is good and natural.

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla

See you all out there on the roads 😊