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GRNCAB free rides were a huge success!

Originally published 13 October 2017.

We here at Green Cabs HQ have awarded GRNCAB our highest honour at a private ceremony. 

Over the last 6 months GRNCAB has tirelessly advanced the cause of EV uptake by giving 702 free trips for 1050 passengers.

He did this while travelling 7,000km without complaint, and with no issues. He has now almost 21,000 km on the odometer with 22 fast charges and 555 slow charges. The battery state of health is still at 94%. (Band new these typically have a state of health between 85 and 95% so 94% is great after 2,0000km)

Customer response has been universally fantastic with most people “getting” the EV thing immediately. Many drivers helped out and were passionate about spreading the word as they gave free rides. All the drivers reported being impressed with how smooth and quiet the vehicle was, and how much the passengers loved it.

GRNCAB would like to pass on his thanks for all the lovely people he gave rides for.

For now, GRNCAB is changing his focus from taxi to that of a training vehicle. He will introduce new drivers to electric vehicles and all new drivers will be trained in GRNCAB so they can appreciate the future of zero emission transport.

Between training he will stretch his wheels carpooling staff to and from the office and taking them wherever they need to go. He has also stated he is available for special events and EV demonstration days where he can help spread the word for Kiwis to transition to EV’s as quickly as possible.