• Green Cabs

Greenify your commute

Looking for greener ways to get to work? In New Zealand's wild weather, you can never be sure what you're going to get each morning when you get up, but there are definitely a few obvious options, no matter the weather!

You don't need to ditch the car permanently, but switching out a few car days for some of these methods will really make a genuine contribution toward helping reduce our reliance on our personal cars and will help to reduce overall emissions.

Have a bike day.

Pick a day or two where you can confirm the weather isn't going to add extra complications, and bike in to work and home again. If that commute is unreasonable or too far, see if you can keep a bike in the office to use to get to meetings. You can always keep a change of clothes and shoes either at the office, or pack one up in the morning before you leave the house so you have something to wear when riding (that isn't your suit). Your company might even have bikes you can use/share - plenty of companies in NZ are doing that now to help reduce the level of carbon-emissions they're producing.

Get some public transport.

Most cities in New Zealand have a decent level of public transport, so a bus or a train could be a great option for you for a few days of the week, or even the month. Even better, you get to relax on the way in and out of work - a great time to catch up on your reading or listen to some music and bypass all the horrendous traffic!

Carpool with others in the office.

If you've got some coworkers who are in the same suburb/area as you, or close by, take turns carpooling. It reduces all of your transport costs (you can contribute a small amount for petrol or parking), and it means there is a car available if anyone needs it. Plus, a good way to get to know your coworkers.