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Green holiday anyone?

It's almost that magical time of year, when we all get to enjoy parts of the (inconsistent) kiwi summer, spending time with friends and family before we all launch into the new year. We've put together a few tips on how to make your holiday celebrations a bit greener.

  1. Reuse and repurpose wrapping paper Wrapping paper is expensive, and usually ends up in the bin immediately after the presents are opened. Look around the house for alternatives - perhaps you have gift bags or other paper you can reuse or use (if you already have it on hand). Collect cheap comics throughout the year from secondhand shops and use pages to wrap gifts next year, or use scrap fabric from projects.

  2. Support local businesses Sourcing your gifts from local businesses, rather than cheap and mass-produced international suppliers, means you're reducing the footprint of your gifts and also means you're putting back into your local economy.

  3. Switch your lights out to LED If you're going to have lights around the house and on the tree, get LED lights. They use less power and will last longer, plus they're generally safer for long-term usage, meaning you can leave them on for longer.

  4. Reuse or make decorations Don't buy new decorations every year - reuse the ones you have. If you need to replace some, replace them with high quality, handmade and/or local decorations that will last longer. Alternatively, make some with the kids or the family and drop them on the tree.

We hope you all have an amazing green holiday and happy new year!