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EV KINEVIE gets a day off!

Originally published 9 October 2017.


Thanks for giving me a few days off! Wow have I been busy…seems like everyone in Wellington wants to try an electric cab. I decided to blow off some steam and had a huge adventure holiday.

I started with a Bungy-jump out of respect for Mr A.J. Hackett who kicked the whole thing off.

 It was great and I got to do it for free because I jumped naked.

Then I went to a canyon and gave the batteries a real workout. Cool time-lapse effect eh?

After that exercise I needed to cool off! So i decided a dive with some sharks was the way to go! I had to rent a snorkel and a fish got stuck in my helmet, but what an amazing experience it was.  One great white got quite close, but I mentioned sushi and he backed away again.

On my way to my next adventure I stopped off for a quick 20,000 foot skydive… I broke the world  record for an electric taxi speed…400km/hr straight down!

And just for old times sake I did the old jump through a ring of fire thing. I made sure to crank up the air-con and I kept cool as a cucumber!

I got back to the office yesterday, and after surviving so well I ended up hitting the pillar as I was pulling into the Green Cabs Office *Sigh* I hurt my door with a bit of a graze, but it was nothing our National Operations Manager couldn't fix. 

I’m back on the road tomorrow, so you can tell all those people wanting to experience the smoothest and quietest taxi ride ever, that I am back and ready for action!