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Charging Etiquette For Fast Chargers

Originally published on 16 Nov 2017.

When people are driving long distance in a fully electric vehicle, being able to charge at a fast charger is vital. In many cases, if they cannot charge, they cannot continue their journey!

So please remember these points: 

  • Don't park your ICE (Petrol or diesel-powered vehicle) in an electric vehicle charging space– EVER!

  • Don't park your EV in an electric vehicle park if you are not charging.

  • It should be common sense, but make sure you return the charging handpiece back into the holder.

  • Don't take up a charging park longer than is necessary – if your EV has finished charging, move off the park. So going for a coffee is fine, going to the movies ...NEVER!!

  • Leave your name and cell phone number visible in your charge port area – so others can contact you. 

  • Forget that last 20 percent. EV batteries charge quickly when they’re low, slowing down as they pass the 80% point. Beyond 80 percent, the charging slows to a trickle. So, while it may feel good to pump an additional 50 kms worth of electrons into your range, the time you spend topping off is obnoxiously inefficient.

  • If you visit someone and want to charge - ask first, - they don't how much power you are going to use! Offer to pay them a token amount, - I normally pay $20.00 - it is a lot more than the power will cost, but it is good PR and you are already saving a small fortune on fossil fuel and road user charges.