• Green Cabs

Are you cooking and cleaning green?

Cleaning and cooking in a green way doesn't have to be hard. Here's a few tips to help you keep your home green.


  1. Plan your meals and shop once. Prepping multiple meals at once saves the energy used in cooking the meals, saves you time every night, saves you money (less 'oops, we need that' trips to the supermarket), and cuts down on dishes throughout the week.

  2. Double-up on pot usage. Use the steam from a boiling pot of water to steam your vege. Saves on pots and power, and saves you time!

  3. Put your lids on. Did you know that putting the lid on your pots while they're cooking will help you cut down the cooking time up to two thirds? Save time, save power!


  1. Lemons are under-rated. Lemons have natural antibacterial and grease-cutting properties, helping you to keep the house clean and well-scented. You can chuck a lemon in a bottle of vinegar and use it a natural bench/all-purpose spray, or, put some lemon skins into the wastemaster for a good clean around the blades.

  2. Don't use drain-clearing products. Baking soda and vinegar are great to combine and pour down a blocked drain, avoiding all the chemicals and toxins that come with shelf-bought drain clearing products.

  3. Switch out the disposable for the reusable. Quit using sponges that need to be turfed every few months - switch out to fabric offcuts or old towels (cut up) to use as kitchen cloths. You can simply wash and reuse them, avoiding unnecessary plastic-based waste going to the landfill.

  4. Newspaper and vinegar = sparkly windows. An old-school trick, simply spray some vinegar on a piece of newspaper and use it to clean your windows. It works really well - far better than you'd think, and means no streaks or nasty chemicals!

If you try any of these, let us know how you get on!