• Green Cabs

A Love Story

Originally published 26 April 2017.

For some time, it has been stupidly obvious to us here at Green cabs that electric vehicles were the future of the transport industry.

Mr GRNCAB, fresh off the boat.

We have always been stubbornly obsessed with saving this planet one taxi ride at a time. We figure that until Elon Musk and Space EX get us to another planet we had better make this one last.

Electric taxis seemed like a pretty good way to make sure we had enough air to breathe for the foreseeable future and so we decided the time was right for us to jump in and lead the charge..  (pun intended…charge…see what we did there?)

Our mission starts when we adopt a cute Nissan Leaf we rescued from a dealer in Auckland. Unlike certain American presidents, we think immigrants are wonderful and GRNCAB was fresh off the boat (see above). He was made part of the family to be our official demonstrator to convert the emission belching populace to the benefits of EV’s.  

We thought he needed a new look, so we took him for a makeover.

Life comes with bumps and bruises. Whoops - evasive action meant poor, brand new & madeover GRNCAB needed some work. 

No problems, it will buff out.. it didn’t. For those that care, the concrete pillar is fine.

A dash to the emergency room, (panel beater and sign-writer who so kindly opened on their days off), and GRNCAB was on show for its first event at the opening of Kiwi Bounce, where we all raised some $$ for charity selling yummy sausages and educating the bouncing masses as to how great 'electrickery' is for powering a car.

GRNCAB displaying himself for charity.

A few days later, GRNCAB chose his 3 favourite drivers to drive him and offer free rides in Wellington CBD. We modified our App (Go Green) so GRNCAB shows up bright pink. So, if you want to be Green, look for pink!

We plonked a big pink sign of the roof and GRNCAB went off to his brand new day job giving free rides in the CBD. He's out there now, and loving it!

Ta-da! GRNCAB's first few weeks have been great - check back in another few weeks for more updates!