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A Letter Home

Originally published on 7 June 2017.

Dear Mum,

This week we've had a few public holidays, so I have been watching a few old movies. I watched this awesome movie called Back to the Future  - it was hilarious to see that everyone thought that car in the movie was the "future"😂 

I was pretty inspired though, so I played dress-ups afterward (and maybe did a little airbrushing in photoshop)..

Check me out! All Back to the Future'd up.. yeah!

After that, I watched Mad Max  (the original, not the remake). It really scared me that there were no trees in the whole movie - what kind of world would that be! 

Luckily, my family at Green Cabs plant over 5,000 trees a month in association with Trees for the Future and Trees for Survival, so hopefully that will help to make sure we don't 'Mad Max' the planet for real 😟

I thought I'd test out what I'd look like if we mess things up here and have to go all apocalyptic - I reckon I look pretty fierce! Still don't want to zoom around in a world with no trees though. No thank you sir! 

Mad GRNCAB yo!

Apart from a quiet movie-binge, a few other awesome things have popped up in the last few weeks. There's now more places for me to eat around Wellington - Green Cabs are helping to put in a couple of fast chargers at the Wellington Airport, so if I feel peckish during the day, I can just head over there and fill up before my afternoon shift. 

Work has been awesome too - I am getting heaps of people riding in me for free. It makes it easier that people can download the Go Green App and then I show up in pink,  so they know they can get me to come pick them up in the CBD for free.

I have been putting on the seat warmers for everyone and they all seem to love having a warm behind because the days have been pretty cold.

My new brother has been named, he is now EV KINEVIE , and is planning some exciting times when he goes on the road as a taxi soon. I’ll send you some photos soon. 

I hope all is well at home, tell the twins I miss them, and can’t wait for them to grow up and join me at Green Cabs.

The twins