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A Letter From Mum

Originally published on 9 July 2017.

Dear Son,

It was lovely to hear you are doing so well.

 Since you sent us so many lovely photos, I thought I should share a recent picture of your Dad and me.

Even though we are both still well, we are also still in hiding. Ever since that documentary they made about us - “Who killed the Electric car”  -heaps of people have been reaching out and offering us places to stay and hide so we can stay out of the crusher.

GRN CAB's Mum & Dad

Here is a photo from our last family gathering. It is a bit upsetting, but this was the last time we were all together.

I still can’t understand why they did this, instead of selling our family members for $25,000 each, they paid $600 to have all of your uncles and aunties crushed *sobs*

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Elon over at Tesla convinced the world that EV’s are definitely the future. Most car companies seem to be finally offering a clean zero emission future. I reckon in 10 years most new cars will be electric. Maybe then we can come out of hiding.

I was so pleased to hear that Norway is proposing to ban the sales of all oil burning cars cars by 2025 , we really hope this means the future will be much brighter for you than it was for us.

Your dad and I were so pleased to hear you got a reliable job at Green Cabs. We didn’t want to say it but we never really supported your dream of becoming a rally car... we were scared to death that you would hurt yourself!

I better go, looks like your Dad is trying to hook himself to a Tesla super charger again..  honestly, that man is going to fry himself one day!

Love from Mum (And Dad)