Our Team

We are very proud to have put together a team of kick-ass, passionate, honest and skilled people who keep our company strong.

Graham Hadley

Managing Director

UK born, Graham moved to New Zealand with his wife and teenage daughter in 2010. Enroute to our green land, they lived with their son in sunny Perth, Australia, for three years. 


Graham started his Green Cabs journey in 2014, originally as a part-time driver whilst also working as a fly in/fly out Intensive Care Paramedic in remote areas of Western Australia, and then working full time as an Owner/Operator. Both of these jobs meshed well together - both requiring empathy, compassion, dedication, attention to detail and sometimes extreme survival skills! Graham has recently embraced joining the Green Cabs team on a full-time basis, now based in the Queenstown office. 


Having owned family businesses in the UK, along with 22 years in the UK Royal Air Force, Graham is an extremely grounded individual, highly focused on customer service. Always calm when faced with challenging or difficult situations, his steely and quiet determination ensures the job always gets done. 


Growing up on a small Scottish island, outdoor life was the norm for Graham and is where his love of hill-walking and climbing was born. This contributed to his later career path - as a Search and Rescue winchman for the RAF. Graham spends his downtime now exploring the depths of Central Otago in his MGB GT, and can often be found braving the lakes of the region for a swim with his wife. He is also a keen gardener, saffron now his speciality, though the navigation of his ride-on mower leaves something to be desired! 

Tayo Agunlejika

Tayo is a Nigerian Kiwi, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, before moving to Upper Hutt in 2004.

Tayo joined Green Cabs in 2017 as support to Rob, and brought with him a sound understanding of the operating frameworks for refugee, migrant, not-for-profit and government agency businesses.

He also has experience in warehousing and logistics, quality control and compliance, community development, relationship building and management. Tayo takes elements of each of these skills and areas of expertise in order to help him relate to the needs of our diverse team of drivers.

Tayo embraces challenges, always looks on the bright side of things, and with an entrepreneurial nature, his initiative and problem-solving skills are top-notch.

When he's not helping Lua and the Wellington team, he coaches, plays and watches soccer.