We don't just have a green logo and green cars -
a portion of every fare taken allows us to support a number of green initiatives locally, nationally and globally!


A portion of every fare taken by you - our customers - allows us to directly contribute to our green partners, as well as our own green initiatives, helping us to offset the impact our operation and our fleet has on the environment.


Trees for Survival

Trees for Survival are a New Zealand-based environmental education programme who are doing truly remarkable things with our next generations to educate, involve and engage communities in tree planting, revegetation and biodiversity projects.

Trees for the Future

Green Cabs partnered with Trees for the Future in 2007, which was also the same year we launched. That was ten years ago, and we support this amazing organisation to this day.

Through the support of our customers and these two organisations,
we have planted more than 225,000 trees since 2007. 

We back our communities - the places we work, play and live.


We recently gathered friends, family, customers and fans to help us donate our support and muscle-power to the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust and the Department of Conservation in Queenstown - sourcing and planting over 250 native trees along the shores of Lake Wakatipu; an effort we are very proud of. 


Want to know more? Want Green Cabs to support your charity or community group?
Head over here to find out more about what we believe, what we're trying to achieve and the causes we support →