We meet people often who have plenty of questions about our company, our cabs and how we operate.

We've put together a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (below). Click on the magnifying glass to search the questions and answers if you're looking for something specific!

Frequently asked questions

What vouchers, cards and dockets do Green Cabs accept?

We accept all major credit cards . If you have another voucher or card and you are unsure if we will accept it, please call us and ask on 027 323 0199.

Why and how are Green Cabs "green"?

It's simple - we put low fares, our customers and the environment first. We launched with hybrid only cars (we were the second taxi company in New Zealand, and first company in one of our major cities to do this) and we actively support & participate in local, national and international tree planting to minimise our carbon footprint.

What qualifications do Green Cabs' drivers have?

All of our drivers have P endorsements, local area knowledge, PSL's and, they go through an intense testing and training structure when they join us, and throughout their driving careers with us, that we deliver using our Green Cabs Manager.

What training do Green Cabs' drivers have?

Before our drivers even reach Green Cabs, they have been security checked via NZTA and MOJ to ensure they are a fit & proper person with no convictions, and that they have passed P endorsements through NZTA. Before they are on the road with customers, the relevant local manager will take them out to literally test drive their driving, customer service skills and give them the training they need to provide you with the best possible taxi experience.

Are Green Cabs a health & safety certified and/or conscious organisation?

Absolutely, without a doubt. We are CM3 qualified, which is an internationally recognised Health & Safety accreditation. All of our team regularly attend Health & Safety and Civil Defence meetings, and as a business, company and team, we take Health & Safety seriously. Our drivers and staff have contracts and policies they must abide by at all times, and we regularly spot-check our cars and drivers to make sure they're meeting and maintaining our standards.

Do you offer set fares for regular journeys?

In most cases we do; contact your Account Manager or contact us at bookings@greencabs.co.nz.

Does Green Cabs have female drivers?

Yes we do! If you would like to request a female driver, then you can ask at the time of booking (you will need to call or email us your booking to do this), and, we will send a female driver if one is available.

What types of vehicles does Green Cabs have in the fleet?

We use low emission vehicles across the fleet, and in some areas, we have vans. The majority of our fleet is the Toyota Camry Hybrid and the Toyota Prius Hybrid. We have also recently introduced Nissan Leafs to the fleet.

Can my driver pick me up from the gate at the Airport?

If you have pre-booked a taxi, then your driver will be waiting near baggage claim with your name on a signboard. The driver will be ready to carry your luggage and open the taxi doors for you!

Can I prepay for my taxi?

You can, you just need to call us on 027 323 0199 and our team will arrange your booking and prepayment.

Are Green Cabs going to be completely electric in future?

Maybe! We have just started our electric vehicle journey.

Will I be safe travelling with Green Cabs?

Yes. Our drivers are all police checked and have passed a fit & proper test administered by the NZTA. All of our drivers are licensed to carry passengers, are managed and regularly checked by our local managers, and all cars are certified with current commercial standard certificates. Every single car in our fleet has a security camera, GPS, and a panic button fitted for your safety and the drivers. We demand a high standard of safety and security from our drivers and fleet so that we can ensure you the best experience possible.

Are Green Cabs reliable?

We do everything possible to ensure we're delivering you a reliable, pleasant, safe and comfortable experience. If you'd like to know exactly where your driver is, we recommend you get our app as you can live-track your cab and see the drivers details - including their phone number, so you can call them directly if you're concerned about pickup or drop off time. You're always welcome to provide us with your feedback if you've had a pleasant (or not so pleasant) experience.

Does Green Cabs do tours?

We sure do - just contact us with what you're looking for and we'll gladly help!

I had a great driver - how do I let head office know?

Compliments are always great to hear so contact us and let us know!

I had a bad experience with Green Cabs - who should I talk to?

Just like compliments, we actively welcome your feedback about bad experiences you had with Green Cabs. All feedback helps us improve, so please contact us and let us know.

I think I was overcharged / I have a query about how I was charged - who should I talk to?

Send an email to our accounts team, being sure to include the date and time of your fare, where you went to and from and, if possible, a photo of your receipt. The more details you can provide us with, the easier it will be for us to help you.

How can Green Cabs claim to be 'green' when you still use petrol-powered vehicles?

We have reduced our emissions as much as possible by keeping low (or zero) emission vehicles in the fleet. We also actively offset our emissions by staying engaged in tree-planting programs and other green initiatives to support or offset carbon emissions.

How does a Hybrid actually work?

Hybrid engines - like the Prius and Camry types you'll see in our fleet - are charged by the combustion engine and braking. Hybrids run on party battery power and part petrol power. That means you never have to plug them in, unlike our electric vehicles, which are 100% emission free and 100% electric. The electric vehicles usually reach full charge overnight, or can be charged via fast charger in around 30 minutes (depending on the car and charger type).

Taxi company "X" is advertising that they are carbon zero. Why aren't Green Cabs?

We chose to work directly with a range of global, national and local charities who are working at the ground level to offset emissions, rather than to contribute to third parties.

Can I choose any taxi off of a rank, or do I have to choose the first car in the line?

You can choose any car from any company that you'd like, you don't have to take the first driver in any rank, even at airports.

I had an amazing driver on my last trip with Green Cabs, can I request that driver again?

Absolutely! Just make sure you have either the driver's car number (GCxxx) or license name, and let our bookings team know when you book via phone or email. They'll arrange for that driver to pick you up (as long as they're available).

I lost something in a Green Cab - how do I get it back?

Drivers, across the country, are instructed to take anything they find in their taxis to the nearest Police station, so we recommend you check there before contacting us (as we never have contact with lost items). If you have checked with your local station and they do not have the item you've lost, contact us, providing as many details about your fare as possible (date, time, where to and from) and we'll do as much as possible to try to locate your lost item.